The winery

The winery was built in 1999. It is a modern facility that helps us to optimize every stage of the vinification and ageing of our wines and to keep the ambient clean. Here we vinify exclusively our grapes. It has a capacity of 8000 hectoliters divided into small thermo-conditioned stainless steel tanks of 100,75,50,25 Hl, in order to have a better control of the temperatures during the fermentation and to separately vinify the grapes from different vineyards.
We use pneumatic press where the hand-picked grapes are softly crushed without the crushing of the seeds and other solid parts. For the white wines we use reductive techniques to preserve the vibrant, fresh varietal grape character, we use dry ice during the harvest and azote in the winery to lower the grapes temperature and lessen the oxidation of the flavors. Beneath the winery, we built an underground cellar where we keep the french oak barrels used for the ageing of some of our reserves. We store the bottles in a warehouse in the upper-floor of the winery in a temperature controlled environment providing optimal ageing conditions. In 2010 we have installed solar panels achieving energy self-sufficiency.