Terroir Sense Wine Review nice article on Verdicchio from the great Ian D’Agata who met us in Rome few days ago. Here is an abstract about our Verdicchios
“Marotti Campi.
Located in the Sant’Amico fraction of Morro d’Alba, Marotti Campi’s wine benefit from being relatively close to the sea so that the area’s mesoclimate is slightly fresher than the rest of the Morra d’Alba territory, known for giving bigger, layered Verdicchio wines. The winery is best known for being Italy’s numero uno in Lacrima di morro d’Alba production, a marvelous dry aromatic red wine, but in fact it is Verdicchio it makes the most of. It farms about 70 hectares (30 of which are of Verdicchio): similarly, of the 300,000 annual bottles produced, 200,000 are of Verdicchio.
Marotti Campi 2017 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Salmariano 95
Deep straw. Captivating aromas and flavours of orchard fruit, minerals, minty herbs and pot pourri. The lemony finish features excellent length, cut and clarity. Really outstanding Verdicchio wine made from a horrifically hot year, something that showcases the relatively cool mesocliamate of the territory in which Marotti campi farms its vines. Drinking window: 2024-2032.
Marotti Campi 2020 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore Salmariano 94
Vivid straw-green. Minerals, pear, apple, white flowers and almond aromas and flavours. Saline, long and very clean, this very broad wine is very Verdicchio from start to finish. A benchmark wine for the variety, in fact,a nd it ages amazingly well, with twelve-fifteen years old wines drinking splendidly. Drinking window: 2024-2036.
Marotti Campi 2022 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Luzano 93
Translucent straw yellow. Lime, nectarine, almond paste, chlorophyll, anise and pear on the captivating fresh nose and mouth. Very elegant long and fresh, this is both refined and beautiful. Luzano may be an entry-level wine, but it atstes like anything but: it also ages splendidly, for example the 2016 is drinking beautifully now. Stainless steel only old made from vineyards ranging in age from 35-55 years of age, this spnet six months on the lees without batonnage. The first vintage of 1999. Drinking window: 2024-2030.
Marotti Campi 2022 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore Volo d’Autunno 91
Not late harvested, though ti looks a little more gold in colour than the Luzano. Honeyed greapfruit peel, pink grapefruit pulp, and white flowers dominate on the nose and in the mouth. Then tactile, tough and saline, but finishes long, clean and fresh with a twinge of bitterness on the repeating, earthy tactile close. Spent five months on the skins and is vinified in stainless steel only. First made in 2019. Drinking window: 2024-2028.”